Version 3 of was designed by Eric Miller and is maintained by Eric and Vienna. (Likewise v2 and v1.)


Photos on were taken by
Andrew Paynter (Dreaming Through The Noise),
Glen Rose (Warm Strangers),
Adam Tow (Waking Hour, tour photos),
or Eric Miller (all the early stuff).


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Our Favorite Tools

Geeky Details

The site runs on Dreamhost's servers, using php and juniper to render pages with greater or lesser dynamic content. Our mailing list and tour databases are powered by mySQL. Our animated content is built with Laszlo running on the Flash engine. We extract mp3 metadata with getID3. Everything is backed by an subversion repository.

prototype, integrated with juniper, brought us into the world of "Web 2.0" asynchronous content (aka AJAX). Not that we have much cause to use it, but it's cool, easier to use than php url queries and saves on download time.

All coding was done by hand in the brilliant TextMate and equally-spectacular SubEthaEdit, while the mind-numbingly awesome Xyle scope provided css and DOM sanity when seemingly none was to be had.

Almost goes without saying, but the site's graphics were created with Adobe's Creative Suite apps.

The news and scrapbook sections run on Wordpress. The forum is powered by phpBB and the mailing list by PHPlist. If we find any more acronyms lying around we'll be sure to post them here, especially if they're as ridiculous to pronounce as "phpBB."

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